Friday, 22 June 2012

The race

Such dreams she held that young girl
Mountains climbed, worlds saved
Nothing was going to stop her
She had so much to give and all that time to do it

Then a thief entered her life...
A wily cunning old thief.
Broad daylight set the backdrop
to the dastardly deed, and oft it was repeated.

Busyness distracted her, deliberately averting her,
from custody once gone, could never be back
Engaging her mind and her soul
She'd been robbed of a priceless possession

So it's passed and is still....
passing her by
Hours like seconds, months like weeks
Time leaving existence for dust
In a race that was rigged from start

So I impart some wisdom to Steele her
To accept what was always the truth.
That it belonged not to her in the first place
Was on loan, and always had to be returned

I will tell her to be happy on this borrowed time.....
'Go easy and lighten your load,
Time has an undefeated opponent
One who can beat it hands down.
So embrace and welcome it to you
And let Love be what drives you home'

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