Sunday, 21 June 2015


The last breaths expire from my lungs
I can feel the pain easing
I welcome the release
It's been a long, slow death
I tried but failed in life
Failure became my companion
I was too sad for this world
But now the suffering is ending
So many times I've been close to this but unable to close the deal
I'm afraid for my children and yet cannot see them watch me broken anymore
I'm so broken that many of the pieces are missing which is why it's too much to put them back together
I've longed for release from the pain
Longed for something to make it all stop but nothing nothing nothing has worked
The failure in my life is so painful I can't breath
So my last few breaths are welcome because they mark the end of days
The end of all which prolongs this agony which they call life.
Tighten your grip and don't let go til the air is gone.
Goodbye all. Thx for nothing