Saturday, 30 June 2012

Small minds?

Idyllic, quaint and peaceful
Everyone with a unique but equal role
All connected, needing each other
Reliant on one another
Generations mediating in times of disagreement
Egos slapped back into place
Bad behaviour challenged there and then,
Smooth waters softening the edges of conflict til over time they cannot be seen
Everyone wants to piece of this, a place within it
Join in, fit in, complement the ways.

Then they arrive and they have what is needed, to fill in the gaps
Bridge the gaps,
Concrete over the gaps! Hell concrete over all
They have SO much to offer
SO much experience of the 'real 'world to impart on these poor simple creatures living in the dark
What this peaceful place needs is progress, with them at the helm
Driving it forward

We observe and sigh
With a knowing eye we wait and watch
Wait for the egos to collide
And collide they do
Collision is inevitable
Fire and brimstone, hot air and points missed
Then they flee citing ignorance
Lack of vision and wrongdoing
We pick up the pieces
Sweep up the settling dust
Give a nod to our neighbour
And get on with our lives

Friday, 22 June 2012

The race

Such dreams she held that young girl
Mountains climbed, worlds saved
Nothing was going to stop her
She had so much to give and all that time to do it

Then a thief entered her life...
A wily cunning old thief.
Broad daylight set the backdrop
to the dastardly deed, and oft it was repeated.

Busyness distracted her, deliberately averting her,
from custody once gone, could never be back
Engaging her mind and her soul
She'd been robbed of a priceless possession

So it's passed and is still....
passing her by
Hours like seconds, months like weeks
Time leaving existence for dust
In a race that was rigged from start

So I impart some wisdom to Steele her
To accept what was always the truth.
That it belonged not to her in the first place
Was on loan, and always had to be returned

I will tell her to be happy on this borrowed time.....
'Go easy and lighten your load,
Time has an undefeated opponent
One who can beat it hands down.
So embrace and welcome it to you
And let Love be what drives you home'

Sunday, 17 June 2012

At last

Elation heaves the weight from
my shoulders
Gravity looses its power
I float from the ground free from my shackles
A smile has found its way home
So long I have waited for this moment
Envy, longing are past
Swirls of delight fill the space around me
I'm drifting on diamonds and rainbows
Up up I go, unrestrained from ponderous thoughts
The emancipation of my dreams.....


I look at this woman staring out of the mirror
She looks tired.
Heavy grey circles weigh down her once bright eyes
Pulling with them lines etched on her furrowed brow
Her auburn locks faded now, a mix of peeking white through on offer dye
Lines have taken over dimples
Gravity has worked on this woman
heads turning for a glimpse, bygone
Inside her minds eye remembers
She and I share a sigh
I lower my gaze

Saturday, 16 June 2012


Glowing fire lights the faces
Warm and snuggled, entwined on sofas
Minds clear, still waters
Black and white movie, chocolate
Peace and love reign this sanctuary

Outside the squally elements thrash trees
Relentlessly tearing at branches high and low
Debris circles before scattering
Whistling wind taunts, challenges

One last glance into the refuge....
The glowing is gone as I turn to face the storm
I am exiled: to exchange my labour I go


Just a few kind words melt my weary heart
As gold dust fine and rare
Weathering hard times, value never lost
Friend you are so precious to me.

Time passed over endless cups of tea
World's problems dissected and resolved
Tears flow as secrets unfold then
We are cracked with laughter
Invincible in our quest
Validating emotions- no requirement for logic
troubles halved, brave faces applied
We part a little stronger

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Oh that it could be bottled
This wonderful drug that is lust
Trigger of leaping hearts, reachable horizons, insatiable climax
Intense passions leading us upriver towards bliss
Longing, aching for its intensity
Until we are awash with desire
yearning for the next time.....
Oh that it could be bottled

All things must end

Butterflies flapping relentlessly
Churning breakfast with endless cups of tea
If only there was more time
More time to work
More time to play
More time to be
The last grains of sands slip through the enviable waist of the hourglass
Our time is nearly up
Regrets scream out
Making liars of those who say they have none
What have i achieved?
What was it all about?
How did i make them feel?
Music and I face each other,equal opponents,
and find ourselves friends

Monday, 11 June 2012

Moments of bliss

Moments of bliss

Tickles of paradise hold on tight
Securing us from all things bad
We catch each other's eyes and we know,
We just know

stolen moments when all is well
buffer zones of Equilibrium surround our tranquil hearts
light flooding darkness
Fury and fallibilities, memories long past
Your head comes to rest upon my shoulder
The world has stopped turning.........

Please just go

My body and mind screaming for release......for peace
Toxic words shoot as lethal pellets
Each one piercing my soul

And yet I'm still alive
What keeps this wounded heart beating day in, day out
What's the point? a desperate soul emplores

What is the point?
Electrical overload, brain tripping as it frantically searches for answers
Computer says no
Hell we're all in trouble now

Pieces of me falling on hard surfaces
Crystal shards shatter
And yet this heart continues to beat

Eyes close and I'm safe
If I can't see them surely they can't see me
I'm being shaken......they can see me
There is no escape
Seen or not seen the dark clouds accumulate
......rain is inevitable.....peace must wait

Friday, 8 June 2012

The Wave

The Wave
Dual senses receive the news 
Acid droplets energising
Tsunami of emotion growing within my body
A sharp heavy pain grips my chest
Stealing my breath, stirring my bile
Hot clamps firmly press upon my skin,
rising through my neck until
the sucker punch bruises my brain, my soul, my belief.
I am dragged back in time places long filed away.
Lost, lonely and betrayed,
the young girl starring with disbelief, fear and dread.
Gripped with shock, wet with emotion, 
I know I have failed her, learning nothing,
Allowing pain to drown my truth.