Saturday, 16 June 2012


Glowing fire lights the faces
Warm and snuggled, entwined on sofas
Minds clear, still waters
Black and white movie, chocolate
Peace and love reign this sanctuary

Outside the squally elements thrash trees
Relentlessly tearing at branches high and low
Debris circles before scattering
Whistling wind taunts, challenges

One last glance into the refuge....
The glowing is gone as I turn to face the storm
I am exiled: to exchange my labour I go


  1. nice...movies and chocolate are a good combination..and a great refuge from the storm...maybe makes it a bit easier to face it afterwards with a bit more inner strength..

  2. sad that moments like that have to end...pairing your refuge to the storm makes for a cool contrast....nice write...

  3. Yes - a great sense of contrast here and drama. k.

  4. It is hard sometimes to leave one's refuge for the storm. Unfortunately often in life exiled means facing those storms and finding a way through them.

  5. Very hard to leave a refuge...but sometimes it turns out to be for the best!

  6. Very vivid scene, and excellent use of the exile prompt!

  7. Effective use of contrast in this one. I like how you allowed nature to illustrate your point.

  8. Hey you, was delighted to see your name crop up on the list, hope you enjoy seeing the feedback coming in. Another lovely poem from you... I know I'm a fan xx Vanessa

  9. Great response to the challenge. Wonderful twist at the end to make it all clear. Love that.