Sunday, 5 August 2012

Herstory - Crack of the Whip

Crack of the whip, and we jump,
That leather snake cuts deep into our skin
Each scar a testimony to our suffering

My momma's been sold to another family now,
When we kiss goodbye , we both know it's the last time we will see each other. I watch her walk away until she becomes a dot...
I'm only 9, and afraid about what's to come.
I know it's bad, just what level of bad.....

My best friend is my owners daughter, Emily
We is like sisters, we play together every day,
But I can't eat with her, I eat in the barn with the animals-
"Where I belong"
Deep in my heart I feel a pain,
A sense of impending doom...

Next morning a stranger comes to the house
I'm pulled from my chores
Pushed onto a box to stand
like a steer at market he peruses me
The purchase is made
Emily is standing at the window her hand pressed hard against it
I break free and run to her
But our silent tears spill with resignation

Crack of the whip, and we jump.