Thursday, 12 July 2012

Truth and Love

I watch myself twist and twirl
Spinning downwards
I cannot stop
I cannot save myself
The thin skin given to me at birth
Has not toughened with age
Scars have not leathered my wounds
Instead I am more vulnerable than ever

Nerves heightened as lies lash reality
It hurts.......I hurt
Truth is irrelevant. I limp away, broken.
I am defeated, I lost and have to face it.
My fears and suspicions are realised
Manipulators lord their victory
Bridges are burnt
We, I, stand alone - isolated.

And yet,

Still my heart beats, still my brain thinks.
Still my being loves, and is loved.
I am broken but not gone
All my pieces are within reach
Love and truth will adhere them bit by bit
Because Truth is not irrelevant to me
It matters, I matter, We matter

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