Saturday, 28 July 2012


In my Mind's eye I still see you
Your head thrown back
A huge belly fueled laugh
Tumbling from your mouth
But my physical eyes capture the reality
You are gone
I'm left with saudade
Lost, and yearning for one last chance to chat, to giggle, to weep together
Your physical self is now dust
Taken on winds to far away places
Scattered in corners unreachable.
You've been gone a year now,
And still it does not make sense
The why's continue, as does the pain,
But gone you are
Life around continues a little bruised
And we learn, some wounds never heal,
You just get used to the pain
'tenho saudades tuas


  1. Personal song of mourning. This is lovely.

  2. Oh, another pregnant, meaningful word we desperately need in English. I know this feeling in my bones and your poem breathed it into me again, beautifully done!

  3. Mournful prayer and fine use of new words to explain old pain

  4. heavy piece....the longing ache of them being gone the bruised life....all the emotion comes alive in this through the way you sued language...and i did not know the word before but i have def felt it....really nicely spun...

  5. Thank you everyone for your comments. Last year was tough, lost four people very close to me within the space of two weeks. Still trying to make sense of it all. Came across this word when doing the diverse poets challenge.
    Now I have a word to describe how it feels.
    Thanks again for reading it.

    1. It's a beautiful word--and your piece as a whole was touching. I was drawn to the line "Life around continues a little bruised." So sorry to hear you were hit so hard by loss. Keep writing through it--you may never make sense of it, but I know from experience that it can help you come to peace.

  6. Your writing is truly a form of art. I am sorry for your loss.

  7. beautiful, & i liked what you said about saudade (meaning) over on the dVerse page...

  8. A new word, lovely to learn and your poem brings out its meaning so tenderly and passionately. I must remember this one: ""...vague and constant desire for something that does not and probably cannot exist ... a turning towards the past or towards the future."

  9. Very well done. This does not just tug on my heartstrings--it does a trapeze act on them.

  10. Thanks so much, I'm moved that it touches others.x